Octagonal basin in the Luxembourg Garden

Strolling in the Serene Luxembourg Garden

Having stumbled upon the agreeable Tuileries Garden in surprise, I paid a special visit to the other Parisian garden – the Luxembourg Garden. You may need to take the RER to get there. But it’s all worthwhile.

Luxembourg Garden Map
Luxembourg Garden Map

Stepping out of the Luxembourg RER station, you walk north along the Boulevard Saint-Michel and the green space of the Luxembourg Garden will be on your left. The ornamental gates of the Luxembourg Garden aren’t opened as wide as the Tuileries Garden’s, so you’ll need to pay attention; but there are several quiet entrances around the garden, and you will easily find one to enter the serene area.

Octagonal Basin

There’s an octagonal basin in the centre of the Luxembourg Garden and when the sun sets, the garden is bathed in golden sunlight.

Octagonal basin in the Luxembourg Garden
Octagonal basin in the Luxembourg Garden

Aesthetic Statues

The Luxembourg Garden features a lot of aesthetic statues. One of the most noticeable is the monument to Auguste Scheurer-Kestner near the basin.

Surreal Winter

In winter, the surface of the pond could be frozen, but the garden is still stunning.

Winter Luxembourg Garden

The Luxembourg Palace serenely stands to the North of the basin. Seagulls walk on or fly over the icy basin at leisure. Their reflections are clearly painted on the surface of the pond like in a mirror.

Statue Diana à la Biche

Getting closer to the Luxembourg Palace, you’ll notice the statue Diana à la Biche in the centre of the lawn in front of the palace.

Luxembourg Palace and the statue Diana à la Biche
Luxembourg Palace and the statue Diana à la Biche

Medici Fountain

To the east side of the palace, there’s the well-known Medici Fountain enclosed in the dappled shade of its surrounding plane trees.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Medici Fountain

The fountain tells of a sad but beautiful Greek love story of the lovers Acis and Galatea. A white marble statue of the lovers is in the center. Above this marble statue is a bronze statue of the jealous Cyclops Polyphemus, who also loves Galatea and crushes his rival Acis with a boulder. Galatea changes Acis into a river spirit as immortal as herself.

Paris Jardin Luxembourg Polyphème surprenant
By Photo: JLPC / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Galatea in her abandoned shyness reclines exposing her exquisite body while Acis cups her head. She smiles faintly with her closed eyes. Her naked left leg stretches out, exposing the curve of her thigh.

Relaxing Summer

The Luxembourg Garden has a surreal winter, and a relaxing summer when Parisians can be seen relaxing in chairs along the paths and lawns.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg By aconcagua (talk) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Artists in the Luxembourg Garden are inspired to pick up their brushes and depict the colorful garden on the canvas.

Artists Luxembourg Garden
Artists Luxembourg Garden

Golden Autumn

When the autumn comes, trees in the Luxembourg Garden turn yellow, and fallen yellow leaves decorate the cream colored ground beneath.

Autumn Luxembourg Garden
Autumn Luxembourg Garden

Copy of the Original Scale Model of Statue of Liberty

Strolling around in the Luxembourg Garden, you’ll eventually come across the bronze copy of one of the original scale models of the Statue of Liberty shaded by colorful leaves of oak trees.

Statue of Liberty Luxembourg Garden
Statue of Liberty Luxembourg Garden
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Photography Exhibits

When you walk out of the Luxembourg Garden along the Boulevard St-Michel to the North, the rotating photography exhibits hanging on the perimeter fence will catch your eye and draw a perfect close to your Luxembourg Garden strolling.

Photography Exhibits Luxembourg Garden
Photography Exhibits Luxembourg Garden

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5 thoughts on “Strolling in the Serene Luxembourg Garden”

  1. wow. Le jardin du Luxembourg… que de souvenirs…
    Et vous savez quoi? J’y ai passé de nombreuses heures, à jeter notamment quelques pièces dans la fontaine Medici pour y faire exaucer mes voeux.
    Mais ce blog m’épate encore une fois. Vous ne me croirez peut-être pas mais je n’avais jamais vu avant cette copie de la statue de la Liberté….

  2. What I like of the Luxembourg Garden is its diversity. It offers statues, photography exhibits, a pond and a beautiful landscape for artists to paint and visitors to relax. I love the way the chairs are placed along the paths and lawns so you can sit down comfortably and enjoy of the magical view. I’m also fascinated with the fountain inspired in Greek mythology. I’m always enchanted with places that tell a story. And in my opinion, in the Luxembourg Garden you will definitely find plenty of them. Who knows? You might even create yours.

  3. wow. the garden of the Luxembourg… so many memories…
    and you know what? after passing countless hours in it, throwing for the small story coins in the fountain to make wishes, once again this blog is surprising me. You won’t believe me but, I never noticed the statue of the liberty.….

  4. Simply charming! Such exquisite beauty can only be created directly from the soul. I would most delightfully love to spend a lifetime in the Luxembourg Garden. It just breathes calmness and that’s the feeling I got only by seeing it from these beautiful photos. Everything you need you’ll find it here in this garden.
    Thank you very much for offering a sense of beauty and peace through your words and images.
    May all souls blossom as gorgeously and artistically as the Luxembourg Garden has.

  5. So beautiful.. Few years ago, my best friend’s wedding photos were taken in this very place, because of surreal combination of decor and great specter of colors during the sunset.. And my very first visit to Luxembourg was a out door literature Sorbonne class, I can not really remember what we were talking about, as all that was pretty much breath taking for someone who just started to discovere Paris 🙂 great memories, and lovely article, thank you! 😉

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