Golden Gate of Tuileries Garden

Embrace the Parisian Natural Beauty of the Tuileries Garden

Paris is not only artistic at every corner; sometimes you may accidentally enter a garden or park and suddenly realize that you’re surrounded by its beautiful nature.

Paris is not only decorated by its renowned landmarks, but also adorned by hundreds of beautiful gardens, parks and promenades that are finely blended into its city landscape.

Are Parisian gardens any different? Yes, they are agreeable while lively.

Entering the Fairyland

I walked in the Tuileries Garden unexpectedly when I was strolling along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées passing the Place de la Concorde. I was immediately immersed in the ambiance. It’s the most agreeable garden I have come across. Actually the word “agreeable” alone isn’t sufficient to reflect my feelings when I was entering that fairyland.

The Aerial View

The Tuileries Garden is one of those French formal gardens, also called the jardin à la française (literally, “garden in the French manner” in French), based on symmetry and the principle of imposing order on nature.

The garden is divided into squares of trees by perpendicular alleys.

A central axis facing east–west passes through the garden, with a circular basin at its east end, and an octagonal basin at its west end.

Jardin des Tuileries plan
Jardin des Tuileries plan

The Golden Gate

When you walk in the Tuileries Garden from the Place de la Concorde, a golden gate greets you with its open arms. If it’s autumn, the trees will join the greeting with their golden leaves.

Jardin Des Tuileries

The Most Agreeable Sight

When you walk further, that’s when you will be smitten by the harmonious atmosphere. Tourists and Parisians are relaxing in the green armchairs around a basin.

The sight turns the most gorgeous when the sun starts to set, casting warm golden colored light over the garden and throwing long shadows over the sand-covered ground.

I suppose when artists were designing the garden, they imagined what it would look like; however, I’m sure that they couldn’t possibly imagine the relaxing atmosphere their garden would have centuries later.

Art and nature can make you feel relaxed; however, without people to breathe life into the art’s form it would be dull.

Relaxing Jarin des Tuileries
Relaxing Jarin des Tuileries

The Magic World of Green

You may underestimate the charm of a green armchair, but when it rains, and when the green leaves of the trees are reflected in the puddle, you will marvel at its magic. The Parisian armchair is blended into a world of green and becomes a part of this green symphony.

Fauteuil Parisien Tuileries Garden
Fauteuil Parisien Tuileries Garden

An Autumn Memory to Remember

Autumn is unarguably the most romantic season. In the Tuileries Garden, the autumn leaves fall on the ground covered with the cream colored sand. French trees are planted in straight lines and carefully trimmed, revealing a V-shaped outline of the sky.

Strolling along the alleys on the soft sand, stepping on the fallen leaves, and listening to the rustle is dreamy and also a memory to remember.

Autumn Tuileries
Autumn Tuileries

You will be reluctant to walk out of this paradise once you’re in it. Why not take your time and stroll along the alleys? When you want to have a rest and miss that agreeable basin, you will still have another one at the east end before you leave.

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There are different kinds of artists. Some are more focused and others are more all-encompassing. I would count myself as the art-everywhere type of artist. To me, art is a way of looking at things, of applying creativity in my life. I am a frequent traveler who truly appreciates every tiny beauty of life and have traveled extensively around the world. Different cities inspire me in different ways. My passion is Paris which I have visited more than once, living as a Parisian. I have walked big streets and small alleys in Paris, and every inch of the city has given me inspiration. When I first arrived in Paris it was as though all my senses were heightened, then as I became familiar with the city I learned to see subtleties that I missed at first.

5 thoughts on “Embrace the Parisian Natural Beauty of the Tuileries Garden”

  1. Many of my foreigner friends who came with me to discover Paris when I was living had the same reactions. They were so amazed by the number of flowers and trees everywhere.
    you are absolutly right. The nature takes a major part in all our lifestyle. I am actually glad that we do that.
    But for me Les Tuileries is not the most striking park regarding this aspect. Les buttes Chaumont ou même le parc Monceau is better.

  2. You really know how to seduce people with Paris. I used to like her but with every single post you make I feel like I’m in loved with her. This garden is so gorgeous that it’s hard to believe. Especially in autumn, that perfect gold colour in the trees, in the leaves on the ground, in the gates of the entrance triples it’s beauty. This would definitely be my perfect place to relax. Thanks for presenting it and posting those beautiful pictures. They show the unique experience one could have in such wonderful garden.

  3. I adored chilling next to a one of two little lakes in a middle of the garden in worm summer afternoons 😉

    And I love the way how the Parisiens take care of their green areas – you almost get to lose the feeling that you are in the middle of a great big city while spending time in this and other lovely gardens!

    My second-favorite museum in Paris – Musée de l’Orangerie – is placed in Tuileries Garden, which is another reason why I regularly enjoyed this place while in Paris..

  4. As the song went the look of love is in the eye of Paris I would add. Wonderful imagery. Parisians really do know how to externalize perfection to its finest. The Tuileries Garden looks truly magical and other-worldly and I would love to take a walk there some day.
    As a nature lover, this is really food for the soul.
    Thank you for providing yet another gem of Paris.

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