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2 Beautiful Paris Bridges I Can Never Forget

Paris bridges are beautiful with their own merits near or far from Eiffel Tower.

Pont Alexandre III

Among 8 stunning Paris bridges near the Eiffel Tower, the Pont Alexandre III is the most ornate and extravagant.

The bridge was named after Tsar Alexander III, the Emperor of Russia who had signed the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892 to counter the growing power of Germany. The Beaux-Arts style deck arch bridge spans the Seine. The decoration along the bridge deck is richly executed with aquatic fauna and flora.

Bridge at sunrise

Detail of the decoration of Pont Alexandre III

Art Nouveau lamps on Pont Alexandre III are gorgeous when illuminated.

Pont Alexandre III

Night view of Pont Alexandre III with Eiffel Tower

The bridge is lavishly decorated with sculptures of cherubs.

Paris. Pont Alexandre III with Eiffel Tower in the background

There is one large gilded bronze statue of “Fames” on a high granite pillar at each end of the Pont Alexandre III.

On the Right Bank stand the Renommée des Sciences (“Fame of the Sciences”) and the Renommée des Arts (“Fame of the Arts”); at their bases stand La France Contemporaine (“Contemporary France”) and La France de Charlemagne (“France of Charlemagne”).

La France Contemporaine with Eiffel Tower

On the Left Bank stand the Renommée du Commerce (“Fame of Commerce”) and the Renommée de l’Industrie(“Fame of Industry”); at their bases stand France de la Renaissance (“France of the Renaissance”) and La France de Louis XIV (“France of Louis XIV”).

At the centres of the bridge arches are the Nymph reliefs, memorials to the Franco-Russian Alliance. The “Nymphs of the Seine” has a relief of the arms of France, and faces the “Nymphs of the Neva” with the arms of Imperial Russia. They are both executed in hammered copper over forms.

the naughty scepter

Pont des Arts

When you walk upstream along the Seine, passing the Pont Alexandre III, the Eiffel Tower becomes vague and farther into view, and then you get to truly embrace the sheer beauty of Paris bridges.

Pont des Arts is such a surprising one. I came across it accidentally. It’s so shinning and I immediately felt that it’s one of those “attractions” I had missed in my plan.

Pont des Arts enchanted me with its shinning love padlocks attached to the railing on the side of the bridge.

Pont des Arts
Pont des Arts

But do you really need to plan all those Paris “attractions” at all? As Paris unfolded continuously in front of my eyes, I realized that the City of Light is one big museum on its own with “attractions” at every corner.

Pont des Arts in the rain

Pont des Arts is also a studio en plein air for painters, artists and photographers.

Paintings on Pont des Arts
Paintings on Pont des Arts

A beautiful thing is never perfect though. The growing number of love locks covering the bridge became overwhelming until its collapsing in June 2014 right after my second visit.

Two Americans living in Paris founded a campaign and petition called “No Love Locks™” to “Free your love. Save our bridges.”

A website called Passion Locks also pays a tribute to Pont des Arts. Its users can send others a virtual love lock.

Passion Locks
Passion Locks

If you really want your Paris trip to be unforgettable, a spontaneous one is your best bet, because the best thing happens when you least expect it.

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7 thoughts on “2 Beautiful Paris Bridges I Can Never Forget”

  1. Love this post!
    Bridges of the Seine are indeed a work of art, especially in the late summer hours, by the end of the day.
    My personal favorite – or one of them 🙂 – is a Pont de l’Archevêché just behind the Notre Dame de Paris, lovely view followed by smooth jazz played by a guy and his saxophone that spreads gently all over the place.
    All that stunning beauty makes you feel so happy and gives you the feeling that everything is magical and so possible at the same time…
    What more the one can wish for?
    Enjoy your Paris!

  2. We can always bridge differences but it doesn’t hurt to bridge them in such an amazing style displayed in Pont Alexandre III or Pont des Arts, respectively. Architectural and textural Paris never ceases to amaze me. The visual part showcased in your beautiful post has set the tone for one becoming in love with these gorgeously-created bridges. It brings fond memories of a time when I went on a cruise along the Seine and it was an absolute joy to pass through the many bridges. I felt so inspired. Thank you.

  3. Yes… Pont des Arts.
    Try to go there at night with some friends and a bottle of wine and some snacks. You will have good times.
    This is also one of my favorite “hangout” places in the town.

  4. These bridges are so beautiful! I love the way Paris tells its story through its architecture. At every corner you are, there is another story to be discovered. The Alexander III Bridge is so gorgeous with all those ornamental details; it will definitely enchant you with its beauty while transmitting a past full of history and art; it is just outstanding.
    The Pont des Arts is also so charming with all those love stories. It is so sad that it has collapsed due to the weight. But still, it is definitely one of the greatest places in Paris. I love it!

  5. The city of a hundred villages, The city of lights or the city of love, call it what you want , none of these names is a lie.
    I am more than pleased to read your article that teaches me so much about a city I thought I already know like the back of my hand !
    Pont Alexandre III is my favorite, so imposing and yet so fine , the beauty of details.
    The breathtaking .view of the Effeil Tower from this bridge leaves me speechless.No other place in the world can make you dream as much as Paris ,go there , we’ll maybe dream together.

  6. Hello there!

    Thank you for this post about Paris, the City of Light. I did not know all these details on bridges, and yet I visited this city many times!

    Hence one can still learn about the capital city, even a Frenchman!

    As for the bridges with all these locks, it’s interesting to notice that these were removed regularly by the city, but still some Parisians were for, others against, should we choose environmentalism or romance?

    Anyway, Paris is worth a visit! My advice: it is best to visit the city in August, when most Parisians are on holiday!

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